Frequently Asked Questions - Book Me Time

FAQs - Book Me Time
Yes, you can add and manage employees under the Employees page inside your own control panel.
Use the Working Time tab under the Options page to set working hours. You can add a custom working hours, set vacations and holidays.
Yes, click on the Payments tab to manage whether you accept payments online or not, and manage payment methods.
Please note that all pending bookings are always available on the front-end. By default Your Ikigai sets bookings as pending if not paid. As soon as payment is made, the reservation is confirmed. All confirmed reservations are unavailable for second booking. If you'd like a booked time slot to be unavailable instantly after booking, please change the settings for the default booking status under the Options>Bookings>General. If you'd like bookings to be set as unavailable instantly and in no regard to payments, please set the option "Default status for booked dates if not paid" to Confirmed.
To stop sending SMS text reminders to clients you need to uncheck the option in Options/Bookings/Reminders.
Please note that when you add a service in the control panel you need to add its length in minutes and also assign the service to either one of your employees. You can add services under the Services page.
The email address the confirmation/reminder emails are sent from is the address set in the administrator's profile under the Users page. Changing the administrator's email address will also change the default email sender address.
You can do that under the Options>Invoices. You can add your company details, upload your logo and create your own invoice template and invoice configuration under the Invoices page.
Once you have already created invoices, go to Bookings, then click on the Invoices tab. You should see all the invoices you have created. Click on the pencil button at the row of the one you'd like to see (do not click on the order ID). From then you can edit, print, preview and email invoices.
Your Ikigai supports the following payment options: 1) PayPal 2) 3) Bank account (for direct deposits)