Frequently Asked Questions - Book Me Time

FAQs - Book Me Time
Yes, you can disable payments and still accept bookings. You can do that by following these steps in the control panel: 1. From the Admin, go to Options. 2. Click to open the Bookings tab. 3. Then go to Payments and make sure that the first option "Check if you want to disable payments and only collect reservation details¬Ě" is checked. 4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page. N.B. Make sure that the "Accept bookings" option is checked too. Otherwise making an appointment from the front-end will not be allowed. You"ll find that option under the Options>Bookings>Options.
Yes you can. You can set a deposit payment to be required in order the appointment to be confirmed. This can be set from the Options>Payments. You set your deposit as a percentage of the total amount or as a fixed amount per appointment.
You can add your own booking terms by going to Options>Bookings>Terms. Use an external URL or insert the booking terms directly. The your clients can read the booking terms before making an appointment with you.
You can customise the email and sms notifications under the Confirmation tab in the Bookings page (Options>Bookings>Confirmation). You can use the tokens listed in the information box to personalize your emails. N.B. Please note that if you'd like your system to send reminders to clients, you need to use the Reminder tab.
Yes, as an administrator, you can assign services to one or more employees, thus let your clients book an individual appointment with a professional of their choice.
Sure. You can manage your timetable and individual appointment calendars from one integrated control panel where you can add and edit appointments manually, manage working hours, employee profiles, login details and individual schedules.
Absolutely, your clients can review your services and the professionals providing them.
All admins and staff members can receive email notifications each time an appointment has been booked and confirmed. Emails can be personalized via the administration page using a set of available tokens.
Using your control panel, you can generate reports with the most frequently booked services, employees, confirmed and cancelled appointments during a particular date range. Reports are displayed in colorful graphic charts which help you easily monitor and analyze data.
Not just yet, but we are currently developing this feature and it will be added in an upcoming update.